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Mistress-Shadow-etiquetteI am to be addressed with the utmost respect at all times. I do not answer to "Ma'am", "M'Lady", "Miss" or "Madam". It is  "Mistress Shadow", or simply "Mistress" once W/we've gotten beyond the formalities.

DO NOT contact Me in such a manner that is lewd or inappropriate IE asking for "full service" or talking about your genitalia.

There will be ABSOLUTELY NO "topping from the bottom" IE trying to dictate what happens in a session or being pushy and aggressive. Also, I DO NOT take kindly to insolence, fickleness or apathy. Know why you are seeking My time and attention prior to contacting Me. Feel free to ask questions, but do not waste My time. Period. All play/servitude will be negotiated before you visit and a safe word will be chosen.

Hygiene is critical. Shower or freshen up before arriving. Douching is required before anal play. I will turn you away if you are unclean and unkempt. No exceptions.

READ MY LIST OF SERVICES BEFORE CONTACTING ME!!! This shows mindfulness and preparedness.